• Montreal's Watching

    Montreal's Watching

    The Rise and Shine Show provides youth up to the age of 19 with a stage for the entire Montreal Community to see.
  • Tara Jean

    Tara Jean

    With bucket-loads of talent, having won the "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" competition, Tara Jean is just one of the world-class judges that will watch your talents.

We’re all talented.

We can all dance, sing, or do a variety of different and interesting things. So why not use it for a good cause? The Rise and Shine™ Show was created to allow you to do just that. This event provides a platform where you can show your skills to the entire Montreal community. With world class judges like Tara Jean, a winner of “So You Think You Can Dance Canada,” you will receive excellent feedback to help improve and hone your skills. At the same time, with all proceeds of the show going to a local charity named the Human Promise, which aims to improve the lives of aboriginal children through the sponsorship of crucial breakfast programs, you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Signing up is easy and fun, so take a shot! With several possible talent agents and scouts attending the show, you could earn a free pass into the entertainment industry.


How do I sign up?

It’s easy. You just have to be under the age of 20. Click the Register button in the menu bar and please follow the instructions. Remember, the deadline for submissions is April 18. A YouTube account is required.